Kevin Breedlove


As a teenager, Kevin learned the power of design and brand building while crafting high-end boutique guitars alongside his father, a master luthier. Kevin was not only inspired by the dedication put into every instrument, but by the players’ incredible experiences with them and the strong bond that formed with the brand as a result.

Heavily influenced by an upbringing in San Diego’s surf/skate/snow culture and later becoming a creative student of New York City, Kevin’s approach is the perfect combination of freestyle and reason. This mentality lead him to graduate from the rigorous Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts in 2012, where he deepened his understanding for how strategy and design plays a critical role in all aspects of branding: cultural, behavioral, business, commerce and creative.

Kevin has served a diverse list of brands from global leaders Qualcomm & Facebook to core influencers Converse and Yoga Six. He is also known for 100 People of New York, a cultural experiment that set out to discover individual spirit in a city of millions.