Fellowship Supply Co.

Fellowship Supply Co.

Challenging the tattoo industry via brand differentiation


Prior to Fellowship, the tattoo supply landscape was cluttered with poorly designed e-commerce sties with little to no branding. Yet they were making substantial revenues simply because no alternative existed. Fellowship hired Breedlove to help realize their vision of revolutionizing the online tattoo supply industry by building a strong, content driven brand capable of delivering a socially relevant shopping experience to the tattoo artist.


After leading Fellowship through our branding process, we emerged with a positioning that celebrated the art of tattooing while blurring the lines between timelessness and mortality, between skin and canvas, and between outcast and visionary. The visual identity was designed with an uncompromising X as the foundation, symbolizing the spot where tattooers leave their mark. Next we photographed all the products, designed the website, produced a video series and designed all additional brand collateral needed for the company’s launch.


A pre-launch push was the first indication the brand was going to be well-received. When we initiated a contest aimed to build their email list, Fellowship received 6,000 signups within 30 days. Once the brand and website officially launched, it sparked interest from influential culture blogs Mass Appeal and SlamXHype who requested to feature Fellowship content on a weekly basis. The strong receptivity to product presentation and branded content drove steady sales which lead Fellowship to be acquired just two years later.