Happy Hour Timepieces

Defining the vital balance between work and play


Happy Hour Timepieces is a startup watch company, founded by two friends in San Diego, who are wildly passionate about a couple things – watches and beer. So they decided to build a business to accommodate both. They designed the world’s first timepieces to not only look great, but double as a bottle opener. A little nutty we know, but it gets better. They had pretty much everything they needed – talented product designers, a solid factory connection, interested vendors and a lot of heart. But what they were missing was the story around why a watch buckle should have a built in beer opener. It was a fun idea, but could easily turn chotsky if not executed well. They would need to tell the story in a compelling way and nail the visuals to gain legitimacy in a tough market and compete against the big fish. What Happy Hour needed was a brand.


Since watches are fun and we love beer too, we gladly accepted the challenge and got to work building Happy Hour’s brand from the bottom up. After several deep conversations (over beers), lots of research and taking the stakeholders through our brand character exercise, we landed on a brand truth. Happy Hour believes in a world where individuals are defined by what they do for fun, and not just by job titles. Their timepieces transcend style and function and become a way of life. When the hands strike 5, work officially ends and play begins. And when the going gets tough, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” reminds us to have some fun. With strong positioning around this notion, we were able to bring it to life through the visual identity. A vibrant color palette combined with clean type and brew-esque design provide a well rounded platform that speaks to the brand’s charisma and cleverness while honoring the dependability that comes expected from a watch company.


Happy Hour has successfully evolved from an idea to a full-blown philosophy that is ready to win the hearts of fun-makers everywhere. A strong brand platform has allowed them to make informed decisions around product design, distribution channels and promotional ideas while we continue to amplify the visual identity in print and digital environments for launch early next year. The stakeholders have been able to approach large scale dealers such as Zumiez with confidence and can properly articulate why Happy Hour exists and how it’s different than any other brands on their shelves. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The biggest reward? After a hard day of work, they know exactly where to take the conversation once they pop the top. Cheers.