Outlaw Tattoo

Creating a branded experience for a startup tattoo shop


Outlaw Tattoo is a boutique tattoo shop nestled at the base of the cascade mountains in Sisters, Oregon. High school friend turned badass tattooer, Ashley Reed sat us down and articulated the vision for her new shop that would be opening later that year. At the time she only had the name. Although it was strong, the personality, visual representation and reputation the shop would carry once the doors opened remained unknown. And of course she would need all the other basic marketing necessities for opening as well as the day to day grind of the shop. Another problem Outlaw faced was the fact this was the town’s first ever tattoo shop in history and with some already brewing controversy among locals, we knew we had to position outlaw differently than what the average person’s perception of the traditional tattoo parlor is. Just 6 months shy of the proposed opening date, we said hell yes we would love to take this on. So, we strapped our spurs on and got to work.


We started by looking past the tattoos and straight to the customer, the person getting the tattoos. What drives them to get a tattoo? How do tattoos make them feel, and how could Outlaw align with the values these individuals hold? And lastly what would Outlaw stand for and why should anyone care? Thats what needed to be captured within the Outlaw brand. We started by mapping attributes that would become a set of core drivers for Outlaw. With this as our guide, we fleshed out a visual identity system and activated it across all customer touch points such as the stationery suite, apparel, signage and fun shop accessories. Even down to the bandit bandanas for Ashley and her crew to wear while riding their Harley’s to work, everything mattered. The marketing machine expanded as a web push followed, elaborating on the Outlaw story and allowing visitors to the site to view artist portfolios and book appointments on-line. And lastly we ran pre-opening local newspaper ads, announcing to the community the shops arrival and inviting to come to the opening party to help build trust and transparency within the community. Outlaw was ready to open.


The grand opening was a big success. Outlaw’s doors overflowed with people of all types, from hard core tattoo collectors to pro skaters to soccer moms. Ashley’s appointment book was filled for the month within the first few hours of the opening party. The local press even came out and wrote up an great story on the shop and mentioned Breedlove as being responsible for the “new iconic logo in town”. Not long after the opening the high-school principal even came in and got a tattoo, no joke. Apparel sales are providing a steady source of additional income for the shop. Visitors coming in looking for a shirt with the logo on it, whether they are into tattoos or not. Positive word of mouth is spreading like wildfire and with it being backed with exceptional customer service and quality of ink, Outlaw has become one of Central Oregon’s leading shops. The Outlaw crew’s schedules are filled and demand continues to rise. Ashley’s vision has now come to fruition and has grown into a thriving business.