An-Ten-Nae – Acid Crunk Logo

Adam Ohana, aka An-Ten-Nae, is an electronic music producer and DJ based out of San Francisco, California. I have followed his music for several years and have watched him perform at venues and festivals across the country, ranging from intimate underground SF clubs to the dusty playa of Burning Man. A combination of minimal big beats, grit and dimension, and southern 808 style creates his unique and signature sound—Acid Crunk. I was introduced to Adam via my lovely fiancé (Mara Breedlove, a good friend of his) when she learned he was in need of a new logo. It was a good day when he turned to Breedlove Creative, Inc. to make it happen.

After doing a visual audit of his personal brand and having a few conversations with Adam, I learned he didn’t have any one logo, but a few different graphics and fonts he was piecing together throughout his promotional materials. With his music rapidly evolving, he felt none of these represented who he was currently and the lack of visual consistency was proving to be difficult. As his name continued to gain notoriety within the electronic music scene, it was critical he have one primary symbol to be identified by.

Our team decided to benchmark our design efforts against something Adam said to me during one of our initial conversations, “If you don’t evolve, you fade away”. With this as our filter, we pushed design ideas outside the original style he had been working with over the years. We knew Acid Crunk had to clearly shine through the design, so we experimented with bold clean lines, dynamic layers, and dimensional shapes and qualities. The process proved fruitful and a winning logo emerged.

It was a pleasure working with Adam to make his vision become reality. Diving deeper into his persona and music and meeting it with our profession was a true reward. The new logo has been well received within the electronic music community and Adam has been able to seamlessly apply it into new album covers, festival posters, email blasts, and a variety of other promotional materials.

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