Bedell Guitars - Seed-to-Song Journals

There is a special connection between a musician and their guitar – it’s an intimate relationship. Every guitar has a personality and a story. Bedell’s mission is to ethically build beautiful guitars with rich stories, and they are giving their customers the opportunity to have a deeper bond with their instruments.

In 2014, Bedell made some bold promises: no Bedell would be built with wood from clear cut forests, every guitar would be built in the U.S.A., and they would build all their guitars in an ethical and responsible fashion. They committed to complete transparency in the journey of every instrument: from seed to song. To fulfill this promise to their customers, they needed a series of proof points documenting this journey, so they came to us to develop a series of journals telling the story of the inspiration, tonewoods, and build process of every Bedell.

Bedell guitars are very unique instruments that start with a spark of inspiration from a time or place, whether that be the forests of Brazil, the beauty of a blood moon, or the Summer of Love in 1967. Many of these instruments are one-of-a-kind, and each one is paired with a journal that tells its unique Seed-to-Song story. The journals take you through the creative process, showing how the inspiration finds its way into the instruments. The pages are filled with history lessons, concept sketches and photos of the build process, all of which are unique to that guitar.

The Seed-to-Song journals also tell the story of the woods used in the instrument. Bedell uses some of the finest and rarest tonewoods in the world – all ethically sourced with the documentation and permits that allow you to bring them anywhere in the world. The journals gave us an opportunity to let this unique differentiator really shine. We conveyed Bedell’s reverence for every individual tree used in their guitars with detailed history, illustrations and chain-of-custody, including when each tree germinated, the length of its life, and how it was salvaged. To top it off, each book jacket features a photo of the forests the instrument’s tonewoods come from, and the hardcover is wrapped in the grain pattern of the tonewoods.

As Bedell continues to build these amazing instruments, we’re lucky enough to have the task of visually telling the story of each one. The Seed-to-Song journals are something truly unique, that only Bedell is in the position to offer its customers, and we’re proud to be a part of this process.

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