Converse – Wall to Wall

Not long ago on a sunny afternoon, I reconnected with friend and client Dave Sypniewski in San Diego. He had written me a few days prior saying he had a project for us. Dave, alongside his partner Sean Lake, had recently started a marketing consultancy and wanted to join forces on a special project for one of their clients – Converse. Being a long time fan of the Converse brand, I was excited to learn more. Dave and Sean explained Converse was launching a special art project called Wall to Wall, which would invite 12 street artists to transform 12 city walls into large scale murals. Wall to Wall was to be carried out in iconic cities such as San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, and Hong Kong, in effort to strengthen its rebellious and individualistic image within the street art scene. Each artist and their process would be documented through video, photography, and editorial content. They came to us to design and develop a specific Wall to Wall website which would serve as a central content hub for the project.

We gladly accepted the project and got to work defining user experience and information architecture for the site. We put ourselves in the shoes of the user and mapped out how they would experience and interact with the Wall to Wall content. Before heading into the visual design, structural wireframes were created to determine how and where different pieces of content would be displayed throughout the site. Once the structure and content placement was determined, we finally started on the visual design of the site. We successfully merged existing Converse brand assets with a fresh editorial street style to express the unique rawness of the project.

We presented the site designs and the response was overwhelmingly positive. But we soon learned Converse decided to make the Wall to Wall project a much larger initiative than originally anticipated. They made the executive decision to extend the project past the 12 walls they originally set out to do – making the Wall to Wall project a long term fixture for the brand. With the shift in plans, it was deemed the project would live on the main site and the design and development work be brought back in-house.

Although we were not able to see our work to full fruition on this project, it was still a great success. We were happy to clearly articulate the Wall to Wall vision through digital design and show Converse the potential their project could have. Now with nearly 20 walls completed, the project continues to expand around the globe, bolstering Converse’s desire to change the world through unleashed self-expressionism and creative spirit.

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