FiftyFifty Candle Co. - Visual Identity & Packaging

This startup approached Breedlove Creative, Inc. to design the visual identity and packaging for their new company. They came to us with a big passion for making candles and an equally big initiative for giving back. Fifty Fifty Candle Co. is committed to donating fifty percent of their profits to charitable organizations. This foundational belief acted as a strong springboard for our design explorations.

When designing the logo, we leveraged the fraction nature of Fifty Fifty by stacking the two words and dividing them with a bold horizontal line. We then designed a container for the fraction that is representative of both a trail marker and a flame – paying homage to Rocky Mountain roots while symbolizing the overall function of a candle.

Fifty Fifty planned to launch with two distinctive collections – Farm Table and Mining. For Farm Table we selected and sourced a thick colored glass as the base for the packaging. For Mining we went for mason jars with pewter screw lids creating a more rustic feel. We then designed a label system that could work universally across the collections. The labels are letterpressed with metallic inks and finished with hand rubber stamped scent names. The Farm Table collection also has a matching blind debossed dust cover.

Once the packaging design was complete, we photographed both collections, creating a library of product photography for Fifty Fifty.

Since launch, Fifty Fifty is rapidly gaining traction and has solidified numerous retail accounts across Colorado. These accounts are already placing additional orders after quickly selling out of product. Fifty Fifty has also experienced online based business such as Loop & Tie reaching out and requesting to sell both collections on their sites. Sales through have also been seeing momentum.

A passionate business model paired with a quality product and compelling design is proving to pay off well for this start up candle business.

A shout-out to Advantage Letterpress for the killer printing job.

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