M Capital – Website

When M Capital came to us they had a vision but needed a strategy, content and a design update. They wanted a custom website to match the unparalleled personal service they’re known for. We took a ground-up approach to build a compelling digital experience that captures new client prospects by clearly representing the value of their business and its services.

Updated look.
It started with an update to M Capital’s logo & identity. In refining their new look, we aimed at casting a more contemporary light. With a spotlight on strong and dependable design elements they were able to gain currency in the new digital realm they were about to step into.

Full-brand immersion.
Our discovery phase included one-on-one work sessions to fully immerse ourselves in M Capital’s brand story. Our strategy team was able to declare a clear objective by gaining a deep knowledge of their philosophy and process.

Defined audiences.
In creating user personas we were able to define what it is they need from M Capital’s brand and website. Detailed personality studies led to a fuller understanding of the website’s structure and a content outline that appealed to their different audiences.

Crafted content.
With a clear informational outline we were able to help M Capital say it in their own words. We collaborated closely with their team to write focused and concise copy. With our help, they were able to find their own voice and draft content for each section of the site.

Collective result.
The result is a fully responsive site that tells the personal story of a small company with big advantage. Careful planning and structure creates a compelling portfolio of M Capital’s services and unique approach.

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