Vitamin Angels – Website

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit located in Santa Barbara, CA that fights malnutrition by delivering vitamins to children in the hardest to reach places around the world. Breedlove Creative, Inc. designed their original website over 8 years ago and while it served them well for that time, Vitamin Angels has grown exponentially as an organization, outgrowing their old site in the process.

Our challenge was to take a large amount of information geared towards different audiences and make it simple, interesting and easy to find. Starting with user personas that drove the content & design strategy for the site, we developed an information architecture to funnel our audiences toward relevant content and ultimately drive donations using a custom pop-up donation flow that keeps users in the current page environment.

Visually rich page designs create a global setting, taking users around the world, creating an emotional connection and telling the stories of the children who’s lives Vitamin Angels touches. These elements are aggregated to our Stories page where various content types are woven in to a constantly evolving storytelling tapestry. Custom tools, interactive features and site-wide sharing functionality create an immersive and connected experience which beckons users to engage.

The site is 100% responsive and built on a modular CMS framework, allowing Vitamin Angels to create and customize new pages with ease. The result is an adaptable, high-performance site which meets the needs of multiple audience types while effectively driving donations for the organization.

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