Yoga Six

Changing the way people perceive and experience yoga


Yoga Six is a privately owned group of yoga studios on an aggressive growth plan. They not only have beautifully designed and appointed studios, but a disruptive business strategy aimed to change how people perceive and experience yoga. For Yoga Six, mystical and ethereal are out; modern, results oriented yoga is in. They came to Breedlove to help develop a new outward facing expression for their brand.


Our first step was crafting a story for the “Six” to better align the name to the new positioning. Next we developed a brand voice, tagline and strategic messaging to clearly communicate Yoga Six’s differentiation and benefits at the consumer level. Finally we designed a new visual identity and helped execute all creative needs for rollout – including photography, video production, merchandise, studio activation, and a social media campaign.


The rebrand is receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from students, teachers, staff and investors alike. Yoga Six now clearly understands what they stand for, and when a student asks, “What’s the Six?” they have a clear and concise answer. The bold look and messaging has enabled the marketing team to create focused and compelling communications for their audiences. With 6 new studios under construction (making 14 total), this new cohesive branding is proving to be a vital business asset.